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Mediation Is A Better Way To Resolve Divorce And Parentage

You know you don’t want a courtroom fight, yet you can’t reach an agreement on your own. Mediation may be the answer – bringing in a neutral professional to help you build on common ground and bridge the gaps.

Divorce Mediation & Consulting provides mediator services for divorce and family law in all counties of the Chicago area. Compared to contested proceedings, mediation can:

  • Expedite your divorce
  • Bring down the cost
  • Reduce the stress and animosity
  • Put the solutions in your hands

Solid Guidance From Experienced Mediators

Our attorneys are certified mediators who are well-versed in Illinois family law. Having also litigated divorce and custody cases, we know how the local courts would likely rule if your case went to trial. We use those insights to guide couples and co-parents to fair and practical agreements.

Where some mediators have a more hands-off or free-wheeling style, our approach to divorce mediation is more direct. You’re not here to air out the grievances of your marriage. The goal is a formal agreement you can submit to the court. Our role is to explain the law and steer discussions in a productive direction. Our mediators will offer concrete suggestions and actionable advice to help you come to a resolution.

Mediation Works For All Facets Of Family Law

Mediating can resolve any conflict you would take in front of a judge:

  • Property division (equitable distribution of assets and debts)
  • Custody arrangements (allocation of parenting time and parental responsibilities)
  • Spousal support (temporary or long-term alimony)
  • Child support (deviations from the statutory formula)
  • Parentage disputes (parents who were never married)
  • Post-decree modification of parenting plans, child support or alimony
  • Co-parenting disputes (in lieu of contempt of court proceedings)

Also, see our Frequently Asked Questions about mediation.

Mediation Is Smart Money

There is a misconception of mediation as a “cheap divorce.” Mediation is applicable to complex asset division, high-conflict custody disputes, business valuations and other complicated situations that might otherwise be litigated, as long as the parties are willing to engage. We represent many professionals, business owners, power couples and other high net worth clients who have substantial incomes and assets but don’t want to waste $30k and months of their lives on a messy civil war.

To explore mediation or other alternatives to the divorce wars – such as collaborative divorce or uncontested divorce – call Divorce Mediation & Consulting at 630-912-6051. From our office in St. Charles, our mediators practice in DuPage, Will, Cook, Kane, Kendall and Lake counties.