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Your Sounding Board For Divorce Planning And Strategy

Monika Blacha and her team are highly regarded in the Chicago area for their knowledge and successful advocacy in family law. Our experienced lawyers are regularly consulted for general strategy, second opinions or specific legal questions at all stages of divorce and family court proceedings.

In addition to divorce consulting, our firm can provide “a la carte” services such as drafting the property settlement agreement for an uncontested divorce or drafting a petition to compel child support. Divorce Mediation & Consulting is your resource for these big life transitions and stressful disputes.

Consulting For Divorce And Family Law

Our attorneys are available to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot and choose your battles, whether you are considering legal action or already in the thick of legal proceedings:

  • Pre-divorce planning – What are the key considerations, do’s and don’ts, or documents you need to track down before asking your spouse for a divorce?
  • Alternative dispute resolution – Our attorneys are certified mediators and trained in collaborative divorce. What is the best path if you want to avoid a court battle?
  • Confirming strategy – We get calls from people who are working with a lawyer but want a sounding board about the direction of their case or what it should cost. It’s your future at stake, so you have the right to seek a second opinion.
  • Legal opinions – Get our professional judgment on specific issues (Is it separate property? Will there be alimony? Does this business valuation or appraisal sound right?)
  • Post-decree disputes – What are your options or the likelihood of prevailing if you take your ex to court?

Document Drafting And Limited Scope Services

More people are pursuing pro se divorce, in which one or both spouses do not have legal representation. If you are representing yourself to save costs or to avoid litigation, you may still need help in preparing agreements, petitions and other legal documents that satisfy court requirements.

Divorce Mediation & Consulting offers a menu of hourly rate and flat-fee services, such as:

  • Drafting a marital settlement agreement
  • Drafting a parental allocation judgment
  • Finalizing a petition for dissolution (uncontested divorce)
  • Petition and summons for parentage (establishing paternity)
  • Uncontested parentage and allocation for unmarried parents
  • Response to petitions
  • Drafting petitions for enforcement of court orders
  • Drafting orders for employers to garnish wages
  • Review of prenuptial or post-marital agreements
  • Uncontested modifications of child support, alimony or parenting plans
  • Flat-fee divorce representation

Affordable Advice And Support Services

Whether you want to talk strategies or need an assist with documents for a DIY divorce, Monika Blacha and the staff of Divorce Mediation & Consulting can provide the right-size solutions for your situation. Start with a free initial consultation by calling 630-912-6051 or by sending us an email.