Want To Save Time, Money And Pain?

A divorce battle is financially and emotionally draining. It’s not worth it. More and more couples are embracing mediation, collaborative law or uncontested divorce to reduce the cost and stress of ending a marriage. Our experienced lawyers can help you resolve your disputes and move forward in a healthy, efficient and cost-effective way.

Out-Of-Court Divorce Solutions In Chicagoland

You Don’t Have To Go To War

Whether you are amicably parting ways or barely on speaking terms, there are disputes to settle and details to iron out. A contested divorce is long and expensive. It ratchets up the stress and animosity, and litigating – win or lose – often leads to future conflicts.

At Divorce Mediation & Consulting, we are strong believers in alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys are certified mediators and trained in collaborative law. We can guide you to smart solutions that sidestep costly and counterproductive litigation. We’ll help you choose the best way forward for you and your family.

family law mediators

Family Law Mediators

Mediation can resolve high-conflict divorce.

collaborative divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law takes litigation off the table.

uncontested divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Formalize your agreement for an amicable divorce.

uncontested parentage

Uncontested Parentage

Unmarried parents need co-parenting agreements too.

divorce consulting

Divorce Consulting

We draft agreements and give second opinions.

Choose From A Menu Of Family Law Services

Maybe you have complex financial issues or delicate parenting conflicts, yet neither of you want to duke it out in court. Maybe you have the broad strokes of a divorce settlement and need help to get across the finish line. Perhaps you need pre-divorce planning or a sounding board for contested proceedings already in progress.

Our firm provides consulting and limited-scope services tailored to your specific needs. We can draft legal documents for the “do-it-yourself” divorce or provide beginning-to-end assistance for all facets of dissolution of marriage and allocation of parental responsibilities.

Let’s Be Smart About This

We have seen people burn through tens of thousands of dollars and burn bridges with their own children just to “win” their divorce or punish a co-parent. You’ve worked too hard to spend your money unwisely on a fruitless battle.

Mediation, collaboration and uncontested divorce are not about the “cheapest” approach. They are about real solutions and prudent moves. They are about shaping your future rather than letting a judge dictate your life.

Ready To Write Your Own Ending?

Experienced litigators often make the best mediators and no-nonsense advisers.